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 Position Founder / Engineer

 Team Member Since







 Position Office Manager

 Team Member Since 2015


 Cars AP1 Honda S2000, 2012 STi

 Hobbies Cars, Gaming, and spending time with daughter and pets.




 Position Lead Welder/Fabricator

 Team Member Since 2012

 Cars 1990 240 SX

 Hobbies Hunting, Working on Cars, Outdoors, Snowboarding



 Position Inventory Manager

 Team Member Since 2013


 Cars 1965 356 Porshe, LS S14

 Hobbies Family, Friends, Pets, Cars, Woodworking.



 Position Welder

 Team Member Since 2014

 Cars 2013 Ram 2500

 Hobbies Dirt Track




 Position Welder

 Team Member Since 2016

 Hobbies Smooth Jazz




 Position Welder

 Team Member Since 2017

 Cars Yamaha R6

 Hobbies Motorcycles, Gaming, Playing with the dog.