OEM to Ultimate Pickup Comparison

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Another example of the difference between OEM and our Ultimate Pickup. We took some better pictures of the horrible factory pinch bend. It seems pretty obvious without even looking at test data, that our part has better flow performance compared to the OEM piece.

Here's a picture of the pinch bend (after I cut it). It's tough to judge from the picture.


Here it is in cross section. Definitely not a nice smooth mandrel bend!


The inside diameter of our tube is slightly larger than OEM, but what you really notice here is the MUCH larger outside diameter due to the thick wall DOM tubing we use. Notice how much closer our tube comes to the edge of the flange. Yes our flange is exactly the same as OEM except it is machined from solid steel, not stamped.


Here are some pics showing the difference in the OEM seam welded tube vs the Killer B DOM Steel tube.




Another question regarding flow is with the screen and opening at the bottom. We use screen that is identical to OEM to maintain the same filtering properties. The screen area is larger which means there is more open area (total area of all the openings in the screen) for the oil to go through the screen. This means less resistance to flow, improving the pump's ability to make pressure. Lastly, the shape has a few benefits. One is to make sure if you ever smack your pan against something you don't EVER cut off oil flow. Flat bottom oil pickup = bad. That's the reason why the OEM one has dimples! The second reason is that this shape reduces 'funneling' of the oil (think water funnel in the bottom of your bathtub) when the oil level is lower and flow higher, under high RPM use.