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Dyno Tune Deposit

Prix Welkit $500.00

Please read the description below before purchasing this Dyno tuning deposit.

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Please read the description below, and download the "Dyno Inspection Check List" before purchasing this SKU as your Dyno tuning deposit

Dyno tuning is a key performance-enhancing service recommended for most vehicles, especially after making modifications to your car’s engine or driveline. 

Things to know about our dyno service:

Drop your car off. Tuning schedules are dynamic. There are numerous reasons why we cannot guarantee a specific time that your car will go on the dyno. We don’t have a comfy place for you and the family to hangout while you wait. If you really want to wait around to see your car rev up and not move then be prepared. There are no attractions within walking distance. We don’t have a vending machine. Bring a lawn chair, some snacks, and something to read.  

Make sure your car is ready. A vehicle pre-inspection is performed to assess if your vehicle is ready to be safely advanced through all the stages that comprise a tuning session. If your car does not pass pre-inspection, it will not be allowed on the dyno. Any damage done to the dyno from your car will be your financial responsibility. We want all our customers to have a positive experience from our service. While we do have some resources available to help, we cannot guarantee that we can make your car dyno-ready. If you end up with the tuner, a mechanic, and the owner of this company hovering over your car and making repairs, the final bill will be scary. If your car cannot be tuned, your deposit will not be refunded. More information on this topic is available below, including “what to look for before bringing your car in” and hourly rates for dyno day repairs if help is available.

Safety is important. We control everything from tie down procedure to what personnel are allowed in the dyno room. This is for everyone’s safety, including the very expensive equipment. Please make sure your car has proper tie down points that are in good condition. The last thing anyone wants is to see your car leaping off the dyno towards certain doom.

There will be no whining or refunds. We don’t care what you read online, gains from dyno tuning vary greatly. There are many variables to account for. The dyno used, age of the engine, successful and unsuccessful past modifications, and the subjective view of how much boost is considered safe are just a few of the variables that affect the final numbers. You may get more or less power than you expected. If you aren’t happy with the final numbers, there's a good chance you aren’t using enough Killer B Motorsport parts.

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SKU DynoTune
Vehicle Fitment Most performance cars. Contact us for more info
Standard Color No
Part Number DynoTune
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