Turbo FA Aftercooler

Prix Welkit $799.00

Killer B Motorsport does things a little differently. If you’ve come across our products, you know they come with an obsessively engineered design with the intentions of bringing the best performance your hard earned money can buy.

In the mumbo jumbo of all the sales and marketing BS we are bombarded with on a daily basis, it’s often difficult to see things for what they really are. So, from here on out, we are getting back to the roots of charge air coolers and bringing to market the name of a product that has been convoluted and misused to the point of unrecognition by the masses. Its function - to improve the volumetric efficiency of our engines and unleash more power potential.

Deserving of the utmost respect, and we are calling it by its proper nomenclature. It’s birth given name by design and function - the Aftercooler. Ask about our intercooler and you’ll get blank stares (unless you want to discuss multi-induction systems). Ask about the Killer B Motorsport High Performance Aftercooler (Intercooler) - or known on inside circles as ‘Hell Box’ - and we’ll gladly discuss the design features and our goal to freeze over a bit of hell’s fury one WRX at a time.

Install Instructions It takes some wrestling and patience, but it should get in there. Remove the mounting brackets on each side. Install the throttle body coupler on the throttle body first. You may also want to remove the MAP sensor plug that is on the top center and facing back on the manifold, and the hose that runs along the backside. Basically anything you can easily get to, remove or move to the side, to give you more wiggle room. From there you want to get the throttle body side on first, then the charge-pipe side. If you're using the OEM charge pipe, you may need an assistant to hold it out of the way.