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Here at Killer B Motorsport, we are most popular for our Pickups. We make 2 different versions, one for the EJ20 and one for the EJ25. You might be wondering “What’s sooo special about the Killer B pickup over the OEM one?” Well, let me share a little bit of information.

Like many of our other products, this is a solution to a problem. I came across this many months ago, during turbo kit testing on our shop 2015 WRX. The engine had blown, but the violence was significantly more than just the bent rod we had hoped for. As you can see, debris went into th engine and made its way into the oil pump. I’m sure you can imagine the consequences of an instant oil pressure loss. A much more expensive repair!

While the corrosion resistance and elevated temperature properties of the various stainless steels make them popular in the aerospace, food handling and chemical industries, we racers really don’t have much use for them. For almost all of our applications, either steel or nonferrous alloys do the job as well if not better – and at a lower cost. The only stainless that I ever use is austenitic type 321, an alloy originally developed to stop the cracking of piston-engine aircraft exhaust systems. It makes truly outstanding race car exhaust systems, if the money is available. In my present case – ever since I made my decision not to work full time for the big teams – the money is usually not available and I use 1020 DOM. The stainless is lighter and more fatigue resistant, but except for turbocharged engines and long-di

The details to follow are specific to USDM (United States Domestic Models) part number and common names and descriptions. The models outlined here may not have the same descriptions and/or follow the same models. For example: A USDM Turbo EJ25 STi Oil Pan part number 11109AA131 may also be found on EUDM (European Domestic Market) or JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Turbo EJ20 STi Spec-C (Twin Scroll). This information also ONLY covers WRX and STi models. While other models (Forester, Outback, Legacy, etc., and this overseas versions) may use the same engines/turbo configuration, the oil pan part numbers do not always follow the WRX and STi part numbers.

After years of being asked to develop a Killer B Motorsport Air/Oil Separator, we are nearing our release for the FA20 WRX Air/Oil Separator. This is a product we’ve been asked to develop for many years, and in that time there has been a lot of research, engineering, simulations, development, testing (and repeat), with several Subaru engines and build types. This has been going on over many seasons exposing to environmental extremes, and driving conditions (daily driving, auto-X, drag racing, dyno testing, etc.), as well as on stock engines and exceeding 700whp.

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